7 Diet Tips To Grow Hair Naturally – Expert Reveals

Diet tips to grow hair naturally: Genetics play a major role in hair health and growth, but we can support hair health by adopting some simple strategies.

Long luxurious hair is every girl’s dream, and guys too! How to grow hair, how to maintain healthy hair, how to stop hair fall. how to treat dandruff etc. are some the common questions people keep looking answers for. There are many products that may give you good results, but the results are mostly not permanent and may burn a hole in your pocket. There are ways to grow your hair naturally but one needs to be patient and follow the regime religiously. But first, let’s start by understanding some basic physiological facts about hair. Each hair has a hair shaft and hair root. The shaft sticks out of the skin while the root remains within the deepest layer of the skin. We are all born with a number of hair follicles that remain constant throughout our lives. The hair follicles on our head number about 100,000 according to the American Academy of Dermatology. The hair root gets nutrition from the blood that flows in the scalp, helping hair grow. To lose about 50-100 hair daily is a normal process of the body. The oil glands that surround the hair roots coat the hair follicle with oil, making it shiny and glossy.

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